About Us

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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and we hope you'll take some time to browse our shop.
What started as a hobby for us, has grown into something we really love to do and take great pride in.

We offer hand poured eco-friendly candles, soaps, lotions & creams at affordable prices. Our candles are richly scented and hand finished and our soaps are more luxurious than commercial "beauty" bars. We believe we have found the highest quality goat's milk soap base available and all feature natural, 10% refrigerated goat's milk - no powdered soap here! Our lotions and creams are full of vitamins and natural oils that are nourishing and beneficial for your skin.

All of our products are made to order so they are not sitting on a shelf for months. Everything is completely handmade, and with over 100 scents to choose from and a myriad of colors, you will enjoy a fresh candle, soap or lotion made just for you with every single order!

Cameron's Candles is a husband & wife owned and operated company. We (Donna and Dave) met in High School in the late 70's and went to the Senior Prom together. Shortly thereafter, we went our separate ways and pursued separate dreams. In the mid 90's, Donna was living in Colorado and began making candles in her kitchen as a hobby, and eventually began selling them at local craft shows with a friend who made candle holders. This went on for a while but eventually got put on hold as more pressing life matters took over - like raising her 3 children, and Donna returned to Illinois. In the meantime, Dave had been making a living as a performer and a stagehand and moving between Illinois and Florida. We got re-acquainted in the early 2000's, after posting on a High School alumni website. Dave returned to the area we grew up in to be with Donna, and we were married on the 30th anniversary of the night we went to Prom! Following a Christmas present of a candle-making kit from Dave, Donna began pursuing her candle-making hobby again and as Dave became involved, we began to branch out to include soaps and even created an eBay store where our natural soaps and candles have sold very well and we've developed a very extensive customer base. When Dave lost his job in the beginning of 2011, we decided to really make a go of it and created this website. We're very pleased to have you as a visitor to our site and hope you'll look around and try something. We've done a lot of research, looking for the best ingredients we can find and it's all handmade in our basement "lab". We take great pride in offering you the best we can, at affordable prices.